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Working at Zest

A Zest for Life

The Eindhoven region has been conducting the Champions League at the High Tech. And you need to stay ahead so are the best. So we ask performance. Every day.

Our projects are fun, varied and challenging. Difficult, but not so hard you can not follow the context. With us you know what you're doing, you make your own field the difference and so do the work for which have become. You engineer
While we are not to understand it, we work with those who are smarter than us. With specialists in their field and research institutions and universities. So you'll always in contact with new and different technologies and learn from each assignment again at.

With us you know what you are working on. And for whom. And why.
Our customers all have ambition. The ambition to get one step higher on the ladder. And they do this by innovating. Together with us.
Working at Zest is fit again every day to go to work with pleasure!

Every day fit out of bed, to start working with pleasure. That’s why we say: "a Zest for life!"