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About us

Sailing is one of the oldest technologies. Thousands of years ago, mankind learned to use wind power to move themselves and heavy loads over long distances.
Over the years, sailing has always been High Tech and stayed High Tech. We particularly thank our success  in the golden age to the technology in the field of sailing ships. Like no other country we were able to build bigger and faster sailing ships. Partly thanks to another Dutch innovation. The wind-driven sawmill. The ASML backthen.
And sailing is still High Tech. In few other sports can you find such a unique combination of modern materials, technologies, techniques and physically teamwork as in sailing.

Welcome to the Zest!

Sailing trips are like projects.
You know where you start. And you know where you want to end. But you also know that it never goes as you would actually like.
The wind is changeable. And so is the weather and other conditions. You have setbacks. But also wins.
In the end you always reach your destination. If you take your responsibility. And together. Because even though you are such a good sailor, you can’t do it by yourself.

Welcome to ZEST Innovate!

Where use the most modern technologies, techniques and teamwork efforts to make a success of your ideas.

Our vision

In our vision, in the market of development of high-tech systems and devices there is a growing need for parties combining  leading knowledge with entrepreneurial spirit.

Knowledge and skills alone are no longer enough. Courage and boldness are needed to make a lasting success of the Brainport region. The High Tech mid-sized businesses should not just let the major OEM companies in the region guide them. We must join forces to bring our technologies to the international market together.

Our mission

It is our mission to develop high-tech systems and devices with the greatest possible responsibility for the success of the project for the customer.

The developments we perform today, should be the success of our trusting clients tomorrow. This customers trust usually has a much larger size then of our assignments value. That certainly applies to the risk that our customers often take to invest in advance in the new developments that they outsource to us.

We happily share this risk with our clients. With innovative business models that go beyond so that the success of our customers is our success and our success is also theirs.