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From idea to delivery, we are happy to work with you to make your project a success. We can completely relieve you from start to finish of the project or provide you with specialist knowledge and skills. That is why it is possible to work with ZEST-Innovate at every stage of the project. Whether it is just the 'image phase', or the 'Build', 'Test' to 'Deliver' phases, it is possible with ZEST-Innovate. In addition, it does not stop with us after delivery. Of course, we know better than anyone the machine that we have developed ourselves. That is why we also offer the appropriate service you need after the machine, device or product has been fully delivered. In order to be able to rely on ZEST-Innovate in the future.

“An integral collaboration between all stakeholders and disciplines. Complete unburdening or part of, from idea to service. We are an engineering firm+”

We envision the solution and make it practical.

Big changes come from achievable steps and just getting started.

We build what we have invented with our own disciplines and network.

Determining the actual operation versus the expectations.

We do what we promise.

It is better to plan maintenance than to solve malfunctions.


We envision the solution and make it practical”

It often starts with a thought, idea, problem or challenge. That thought can come from anyone, but the challenge is to translate it into concrete steps, without losing sight of the original idea. At Zest-Innovate we speak the language of the imagination and we want to understand it together with you. With this 'image' in mind we work together as an equal to set up a plan to convert this imagination into a concrete result.

Sometimes we do this in several small steps, or we have to take a big leap of faith together to realize the ambitions.

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“Big changes come from achievable steps and just getting started”

Innovation ensures that you stay ahead. With small innovations, big profits can be achieved, whether financially, personally or socially. Sometimes you have to innovate radically and change everything to find that new cutting-edge. Zest-Innovate considers innovation to be of paramount importance and can understand a theoretical principle or conceptual process. To tackle the right points to innovate.

The goal is not to innovate because you have to, but to leave the aspects that are good or good enough alone and only identify the points for improvement. We then take this step by step and start innovating and building for you, so that we stay focused on achieving the intended goal in time.


“We build what we have invented with our own disciplines and network”

We are more than an engineering firm, we are an engineering firm plus (+). We also devise and realize what you want to achieve ourselves in our own workshop. For us, thinking and doing go hand in hand. This is achieved in our 550m² spacious workshop and with our own people who conceived and designed it.

Due to our wide variety of disciplines (mechatronics, mechanics, software, electronics and project management) and a good network of manufacturing companies, suppliers of purchased parts and specialists (including in the field of robotics and vision), we have control in our own hands.

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See here for the projects where we have tested products by means of a test set-up.


“Determining the actual operation versus the expectations”

An essential part of our delivery is validating whether our machines/devices or products meet the set expectations. We test the critical aspects in-house and after customer satisfaction we integrate them on location. If the machine is integrated with the customer, a full test phase will also follow on location. We know better than anyone that our work does not end there. The real test for the machine is when it is in use. That is why we find our service after delivery so important.

In addition to testing our own machines, devices or products, we also test devices from our external partners. Specific test set-ups can be created to subject a new product to a long-term representative lifetime test. Or just by looking at whether a new part or new theory is sufficient in practice. We can do this by, for example, developing a proof-of-concept, functional model or prototype. With our specialists in the field of mechanics, software, electronics and data operation, we have all this in-house.

Our goal is to experience together with the customer whether the product or machine functions on the aspects that really matter and whether these match the actual expectation. Sometimes a quick proof with stock items that it works is enough, sometimes it requires months of preparation and complex measurement setup and equipment in our conditioned test room.


“We do what we promise”

We believe it is important to honour our agreements. Especially in the world of special one-of-a-kind machines, the course of a project is not always straightforward. Sometimes there are setbacks or new challenges arise along the way. We are open about this. We want to do what we promise with clear expectations. And the project does not stop when it is delivered.

Only when the project has been satisfactorily integrated and runs for a long time, only then do we feel that our task has been completed. We therefore enter into a long-term relationship with our customers with the aim of supplying a machine, device or product that they are proud of. ''Finishing what you start'' is an important core value for us.

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Take a look at our projects that we have realized through the ZEST approach.

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See here for the projects that we maintain through service to prevent malfunctions.


“It is better to plan maintenance than to solve malfunctions”

Our relationship with the customer does not end after we have delivered the machine, device or product. The delivery is a snapshot, just after installation it becomes clear whether the expectations are met. This is the stage where the customer begins to recoup his investment. We understand this better than anyone and that is why we are at the customer's disposal during this phase. Both in support with problems or small adjustments, and in carrying out preventive maintenance. In addition, we train employees of the customer to properly maintain the machine itself where possible.

As the designer of the machine, device or product, we know the machine inside and out. That is why we are able to carry out effective and critical maintenance in a timely manner. Preventive maintenance prevents malfunctions, defects, accidents and unplanned downtime and is therefore cost-effective.


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