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From idea to product

We address development multi-disciplinary. World class MMI, Design and Mechatronics lead to the most functional devices where where the user interaction is key.
This in view of the highest possible success of the device in the market.

All functions of the device are mapped in a function block diagram. Also the mutual interactions and with those with the environment. This scheme serves as a base for the system, the software and the user.
Throughout the entire development process, all relevant parameters are monitored, examined and translated into working solutions through a simple but effective method.
By combining as much functionality as possible , an as simple as possible and thus a reliable and cheap to produce system will be realized.


  • Preparation and control of specifications
  • Process analysis and validation
  • Proof of Principle
  • Functional models
  • System Architecture
  • System Simulation and Validation
  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Industrialization
  • Lifecycle Management

Sense & Simplicity

Making a technically well-functioning system or device is no longer an issue anymore. In the laboratories of our universities, research institutes and high-tech companies, we develop the most fantastic technologies. So fantastic that sometimes we can barely comprehend them ourselves.

The real challenge is to bundle these technologies in such a system or device, so the user can actually do something with that technology.

This is where Zest in particular distinguishes itself in.

Developing of devices in a simple and natural way using revolutionary and complex technologies.

Philips was one of our great examples. What they came up with for the consumer, is in our vision increasingly also true for the industry.